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About Us

Welcome to Dubai’s first audiologist-owned private hearing clinic by Dr. Pearl D’Costa. Transcend all limitations with the help of evidence-based, proven methods of treating hearing loss, vertigo and dizziness.

Why Choose us?

         You will fall in love with our hearing solutions

Too many people buy and stop using hearing aids later because the hearing experience doesn’t meet their expectations. Even the most expensive hearing aid is worthless if it’s not programmed to match your complex hearing needs. With our scientifically proven methods of hearing aid fitting, you will not spend another moment of your life without your hearing technology.

         We do not sell products, we offer solutions

Our philosophy is to help you learn about your hearing condition and the best ways to address it. Only when you are ready, we will recommend hearing technology which YOU will be choosing based on your lifestyle.

         High quality and lifetime follow up care

Since we are a small private practice, we strive very hard to provide an unmatched hearing care throughout your journey with us.

         More than one hearing aid brand

When it comes to treating hearing loss, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we have partnered with top brands to provide you with unbiased treatment options that meet your unique hearing and aesthetic needs.

Custom hearing aids

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