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Learn about the services we offer at Transcend Audiology!

Hearing Evaluation

A hearing test evaluates the type and extent of hearing loss which helps the audiologist to determine appropriate course of treatment. It also includes speech tests to assess your ability to process speech sounds especially in the presence of noise.

hearing test
hearing aid, tinnitus

Hearing aid fitting

If you are ready for a hearing aid, we work together to decide an ideal hearing aid that best fits your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. We perform hearing aid fittings through research, education and evidence-based practices to ensure that you are happy with your new technology and appreciate the value it brings into your life.

“Hearing aids make all sounds louder and they just don’t seem to work!” These are the complaints you might have heard from others or even experienced them yourselves. What if we told you that there are proven ways to fit hearing aids that maximize patient satisfaction? We will use special techniques to train your brain to re-learn how to hear sounds again and you will soon begin to experience a change in the trajectory of your hearing wellness!

Dizziness & Vertigo rehabilitation

Dizziness is one of the most common complaints reported in a physician’s office. While dizziness is a general feeling of unsteadiness, vertigo can be described as the spinning of environment around you even when you are not moving. Depending on the cause, the treatment of dizziness and vertigo can vary. Medications, physical therapy, repositioning maneuvers and Vestibular Retraining Therapy are most common approaches. We know how scary and debilitating it can be to live with vertigo. We specialize in repositioning maneuvers and vestibular retraining therapy. Our tailored vestibular programs can help you live your life to the fullest!

Vertgo dizziness

Tinnitus Evaluation

Tinnitus is hearing ringing or buzzing sounds in the ear without an external sound present. It is a symptom of an underlying disorder rather than a disease by itself. Assessing tinnitus is important to understand why you might be experiencing it. Once the reason for tinnitus is established, the best possible treatment approach is then decided.

Industrial/occupational Hearing Conservation

Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) ensures that the employees who work in high noise environments are monitored for hearing loss and use appropriate hearing protection. We assist manufacturers and industrial owners to protect and monitor their employee’s hearing in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.


Hearing damage from noise exposure happens gradually and is most often experienced later in life. To have good hearing in future, invest in hearing protection today! We also make swimmer’s plugs to keep ear infections at bay.  With our custom ear protection, you can enjoy your interests while keeping your ears safe.

IN-ear monitors for musicians

Aside from delivering excellent sound quality and portability during live performances, in-ear monitors offer hearing protection to musicians. Our custom made in-ear monitors are made to exactly fit your ears and for maximum comfort.

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